The Machine Gun

The machine gun –  is a fully automatic mounted or portable firearm, usually designed to fire rounds in quick succession from an ammunition belt or large-capacity magazine, typically at a rate of several hundred rounds per minute.

One of the greatest weapons against zombies, it is an almost guaranteed kill, It has many different sizes too! Ahh but the downsides to the machine gun, its loud, ammo can be hard to come across, can injure or even kill owner of fellow survivor if the user has no knowledge about the gun and how to use it, leaves you venerable when reloading so be prepared and take cover.

So overall, it is a great zombie killing weapon and almost guarantees a kill, but can be deadly to the user if they have never handled a gun before.

Zombie Survival Weapon Rating (ZSWR)


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The Frying Pan

Well….this is a new one to me. The frying pan is a widely used piece of equipment in the cooking world where literally anything can be cooked upon it…mmmmmm Bacon.

Great weapon, comes in a variety of materials and sizes has good spread and can definitely fit in a bag nice and silent too and when a hard day of zombie killing is over you can sit down and enjoy a meal….just if you’re using it against the undead remember to wash it!

Downsides, could only take down 1-2 zombies even with a full swing it could only break a few bones and also due to its shortness it lacks a power blow such as the baseball bat.

So overall, great for meals….not so great for zombie slaying.

Zombie Survival Weapon Rating (ZSWR)


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The Baseball Bat

The Baseball bat – the most commonly used piece of equipment in the game of Baseball. There are two mainstream versions of a baseball bat. The wooden baseball bat with as center of cork to allow shock absorbation and flexibility and the aluminum baseball bat, much stronger and strudier but banned from major baseball legue games.

Like the golf club it is a great light weigth and silent weapon for use. It able to be used inside and with an over head or side swing you will be able to crush and break bones, this also carries the perk of being a great glass breaker for when ever you need to force an entry somewhere.

Downsides? Slow, needs control, can cause injury if a solid object collision and is easy to be grabbed and pulled from grip.

So overall, great light and silent weapon and is useful for getting into secure places, but is easy to grab and could cause potential injury.

Oh an just a note, use the aluminum one!

Zombie Survival Weapon Rating (ZSWR)


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Golf Club – Driver

The Golf Club – Sometimes known as an Iron is a well know piece of golf equipment, used for getting the maximum amount of energy out of one swing.

This is a great weapon for traveling lightly with as it weighs less than a kilo and is great for stealth as it uses no means of power except the swing of your arm.

In use, the golf club is a rather useful weapon if surrounded by a small group (5-6) of zombies as it keeps them at arm’s length and has potential for heavy head blows if struck right. With a full swing using all the power you can you are definitely going to smash some skulls and dislocate some jaws, even if you are using the overhead method it is still bone crushingly effective.

However the downside is that using it at full swing could cause a loss of balance or a delayed reaction time against anything behind, due to its length to it can sometimes be hard to use inside a settlement.

So overall, it is a great weapon for outdoors against a small group of zombies, light, silent. However it can be difficult to use in doors against a large group. As a melee weapon it is great.

Zombie Survival Weapon Rating (ZSWR)


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The Chainsaw

The chainsaw – A portable mechanic saw and runs on various types of fuel. In a zombie apocalypse a chain is a great weapon to have to an extent.

The chainsaw usually consists of a two-stroke engine which in turn requires types of gas. This is where the downside comes in, run out of gas the chainsaw os pretty much useless, sure you could maybe use it as a bat of some sort. But to cautious not to have a heavy one with you as it will just tire you down instead go for a steel bladed carbon fibre chainsaw it’s the smallest and the light of all.

If you are traveling silently…. well then don’t turn it on as it makes one hell of a noise thus drawing zombie attention towards you.

In use, the chainsaw is the most effective in one on one combat with a zombie as slicing through a zombie takes a few seconds, and those few seconds could be life or death.

So overall, the chain is a powerful and useful tool to have. But bad for stealthy people and for controlling a dozen or more zombies as it takes it’s time and also can run out of gas. So always check the gas

Zombie Survival Weapon Rating (ZSWR)


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This category will list various weapons, how to use them and a zombie survival weapon rating (use or don’t)

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